You Shouldn’t Have to Struggle Alone.


For Immediate Help:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Crisis Text Line
text 741741 for free support 24/7

For Support You Can Receive Online:

Talk Space
Convenient therapy via text for around $25/week.

Online outlet designed for teens to come forward about their own stories and experiences

Better Help
Matching you with licensed therapists online who you can talk to via text, phone, or video chat.

Virtual crisis chat staffed by trained and supervised volunteers

For LGBTQ+ Related Resources:

The Trevor Project & Trevor Space
Leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth

GLBT Hotline
LGBT National Online Peer-Support Chat (all services are free and confidential)
+ more resources here

Find a LGBT Community Center in your area

For Tools, Treatment, and Information: 

National Alliance on Mental Health
Look up treatment options for an array of different disorders

Mental Health America
List of tools, options, and educational resources

Good Therapy & Psychology Today
Find a list of ideal therapists in your area

Want even more options? Click here for a comprehensive list of help, support, advice, information, and therapy for a variety of conditions and experiences