Why Are We Telling This Story?

(Let’s Be Real:  Why Are We Telling a Story About a Cinder Block)

First off, yes… We realize that casting a cinder block as one of the main characters in a film sounds a bit insane. (Don’t worry though, all cast members were paid equally.) But the truth is, no matter where you come from or what your background is, everyone has their own BLOCK. By making this movie, we aim to put a face to each of our unique struggles, spark a conversation, and simply remind others that love starts with yourself. Some of the hardest fought battles are those that happen within our own heads. By loving, accepting, and celebrating who we are (and where we are in our journeys), we can start to rid ourselves of our personal blocks.


BLOCK is a unique LGBTQ+ story, depicting the search for self acceptance without the typical narrative that involves two people falling in love. It’s a film that advocates for an open dialogue surrounding the greater topic of mental health. It’s a look into the intimate relationship of two sisters, and how they find themselves, as they help and support each other. It’s a love story, about loving and accepting yourself just as you are.

Not everyone in our film cast and crew is gay. We have different backgrounds, experiences, opinions, and upbringings. But we’ve all come together because we all can relate to the film’s universal message.